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2015-11-05 19:12:24

Thanks to our enthusiastic community who donated time, money and services, and bought thousands in merchandise, dance tickets and beverages, the Ripley Reunion has officially paid our bills and will have a good deal of money to donate back to the community before year's end!

Though we don't have a final tally yet, we are putting out a call to community groups and organizations who would like to apply for funding.

It's a very simple process - submit a formal letter to with information about your group, how much funding you'd like and what you would use the money for.
Our committee will then meet to decide the best use of our profits and hopefully your organization is on that list!

All letters must be submitted by email at and the deadline is Nov. 27.

2015-07-26 11:43:13

Amanda Farrell Walsh
Ripley Reunion 2015

Welcome to the 2015 ‘All Roads Lead Home’ Reunion!

As Chair of the event, I couldn’t be happier that you’re spending your long weekend celebrating this wonderful community. I can tell you that every member of our amazing Organizing Committee has spent countless hours over the past three years preparing for this weekend. There is so much to do that you may not be able to fit it all in, but here’s hoping you find the time to reunite with many old friends and family over the coming days.

The Reunion is a massive undertaking for our volunteers and all the town’s residents, but we know just how important it is for our Old Boys and Girls to feel welcome as they make their pilgrimage home. We know there are hundreds of people who simply can’t wait to return to the Hub of Huron, which will always hold a special place in their hearts. It was our mission to make this an unforgettable weekend, and I’m sure you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

Be sure to take a piece of the Reunion home with you by stopping into Reunion Central (in the downtown core) to purchase our incredible merchandise, which includes hoodies, golf and t-shirts, mugs, hats, coolie cups, keychains and so much more, as well as history books, commemorative DVDs, and dance, meal and show tickets. You can also purchase merchandise online at and have it shipped to your home if you can’t get everything you need in one visit.

Remember, when using social media, to use the hashtags #ripley2015 and #allroadsleadhome so everyone can follow all your exploits!

The Reunion Committee has poured its heart into bringing you the best homecoming yet, and we hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Welcome home!

2015-07-26 11:38:05

Local residents Jeff Burrows and Ryan Berry, along with Ripley natives Lennie MacLeod and Darrin MacDonald, have written and produced a song for the 2015 Ripley Reunion.

Learn more about the song in this story in The Kincardine News.

The Ripley Reunion Anthem can be heard here and is available for pick-up on a USB key (donated by Rogers Kincardine) at Reunion Central, as supplies last). The song will also be set to video and featured in the Ripley Reunion Commemorative DVD, which is being produced by Berry's Buzzcutz Studioz and is available for pre-order online or at Reunion Central. Ten per cent of all DVD sales goes to the Reunion Committee so order yours today!

Listen to the song here and follow along to the lyrics below.

Chorus 1:
The Fields Are Filled With Farmers
Growing Us What We Need
The Streets Have Friendly People
The People We Know IndeedI Wouldn't Call Home Anywhere Else
It Means That Much Too Me
All Roads Lead To Ripley (I'm Coming Home)

Verse 1:
Seperated For A While
And Now We're Coming Back
Never Skipped a Beat
Like The Beat On The Track
Old Boys And Boys And Old Girls
That's Where It's At
Drinks In The Air
And Pats On The Back
Well You Take A Look Around
And Have a Look See
Thriving Surely Started In 1873
The Completion Of The Railway Put Ripley On The Map
Became The Hub Of Huron, And That Is Just A Fact
Then Before You Know You Would Not Believe
A Sea Of Old Boys And Girls Is All You See
In RIPLEY, Born And Raised
Call Another Place Our Home, NO WAY
It Started Right Here, That's Crystal Clear
And We Celebrate It, Every 10 YEARS
By showing Mad Love 
Giving Mad Hugs
Throwing An Ice Cold Beer To A BUD!!!

Chorus 2:
The Fields Are Filled With Farmers
Growing Us What We Need
The Streets Have Friendly People
The People We Know Indeed
I Wouldn't Call Home Anywhere Else
It Means So Much To Me
All Roads Lead To Ripley (I'm Coming Home)

Verse 2:
Hey Old Friend, Meet Me At The Splash Park
We Can Play There For A Bit, Then Head To The Ball Park
Bike By Thompson Feed, Past The Curling Rink
Take The Old Train Tracks And Slip In The Back Way
Give The Old Head Nod To My Old School
I Smile And Nod At Everybody, 'Cause That's Cool
Take A Quick Rip, All The Way Across Town
It Only Took Me 3 Seconds, I'm Already There Now
Pump Up My Tires At The Heinisch Service Centre
Or The New Fire Station, Or What Ever You Remember
Grab A Sip Of Water From The Fountain At The Legion
'Cause Good Old Fashion Well Water Is Something I Believe In
Oh NO!!!  My Furnance Fuel Tank Is Tapped
Well Then Good Sir, You Mustn't Know Jack
MacDonald From D.G MacDonald And Son
IT'S BEEN, 70 Years Straight, Together As One!!!

Chorus 3:
The Fields Are Filled With Farmers
Growing Us What We Need
The Streets Have Friendly People
The People We Know Indeed
I Wouldn't Call Home Anywhere Else
It Means So Much Too Me
All Roads Lead To Ripley (I'm Coming Home)
Here's Too All You Old Boys And Girls
Coming Back Home To See
We've Got Homegrown Hockey Heroes
And Hospitality
Well I Wouldn't Want It Anyway Else
It Means So Much To Me
All Roads Lead To Ripley (I'm Coming Home)
Verse 3
When I'm Home I'm Feeling Real Strong
It's All I Need To Succeed So I Hold On
And I Keep On Coming Back So I Surely Know
These Memories Will Never Leave Me When I Go
Made My Choice, And I'm Proud, I Can Back It Up
Hear My Voice, As Echoes Through The Town I Love
Ain't No Need To Say Good Bye
The Love Will Stay The Same, Even After 10 Years Time
Verse 4:
I'm Coming Home, To Where I Was Born
I'm Coming Home, To All That I Know
I'm Coming Home, I'll Follow The Road
I'm Coming Home, It's Where I Will GO!!!

The Fields Are Filled With Farmers
Growing Us What We Need
The Streets Have Friendly People
The People We Know Indeed
I Wouldn't Call Home Anywhere Else
It Means So Much Too Me
All Roads Lead To Ripley (I'm Coming Home)
Here's Too All You Old Boys And Girls
Coming Back Home To See
We've Got Homegrown Hockey Heroes
And Hospitality
Well I Wouldn't Want It Anyway Else
It Means So Much To Me
All Roads Lead To Ripley (I'm Coming Home)

2015-07-25 07:57:14

There will be three different routes for buses after our Saturday night Lulu's Roadhouse Band dance, and our Sunday Shirt-Tail Dance, featuring Crazymaker.

One bus will leave the arena parking lot destined for Point Clark at 1:15 a.m. SHARP. It will drop people off at the Point Clark Community Centre and then return to the Ripley arena and pick up a single load of people to drop off at the Davidson Centre in Kincardine and Tiverton's King's Pearl (if necessary) around 1:45 a.m.

Another bus will leave for the Lucknow Arena and FIshermen's Cove at 1:15 a.m. SHARP and it will return to Ripley afterward to pick up a load bound for Kincardine/Tiverton.

When leaving Kincardine, one bus will take the B-Line to Tiverton, while the other will travel Hwy. 21.

We recommend people use the buses but also make alternate plans in case you can't find a spot on the bus. Spots are not guaranteed, so please be aware of this!

2015-07-13 22:11:03

We now have some specific times when the Grounds Crew requires volunteers for set up, clean up and tear down. Contact Sharon Martin at if you can help out!

2015-07-12 19:27:08

2015-07-06 20:29:51

2015-07-01 12:36:20

Do you have a 1962 Ripley District High School yearbook?

If so, Allan Tranter would like to borrow a copy for the Grade 9 class of 1962 Reunion, which will be held during the Back to School festivities on Saturday, Aug. 1, from 9-11 a.m., at the Ripley Huron Community School.

Contact Allan at if you know where to find this piece of Ripley's history.

2015-06-28 09:13:51

Three young Ripley residents are looking to represent the town as the Ambassador of the 2015 Ripley Reunion.

Marley Martyn, left, Gregory Reid and Kirsten Walden will compete at the Ambassador Competition and Citizenship Awards on Thursday, July 30, starting at 8 p.m. at the arena. The night will also feature entertainment from Danceology, and a fun game of 'Reunion Feud,' which will pit four teams of recognizable faces against each other to see who knows their town the best, Family Feud style.

Over the past few months, many fantastic residents were nominated by their peers for Citizenship Awards, and they'll be presented to the deserving winners during the night as well.

Meet the competitors

Marley Martyn - Marley, the daughter of Don and Laurie Martyn, will be returning to Kincardine District Secondary School to complete Grade 13 in the fall. After high school she plans to attend post-secondary school for social work. Marley enjoys sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and figure skating, and, in her spare time, enjoys camping, paddle boarding and hanging with her family and friends. She is active in the community with the figure skating program, coaching/refereeing sports and helping with church dinners and the Fireman’s Breakfast. Marley is proudly sponsored by the Ripley Firefighters. 

Gregory Reid - Gregory, the son of Brian and Jo Reid, recently completed Gr. 12 at Kincardine District Secondary School. After high school, Gregory would like to attend university for a Bachelor in Math. He participates in a number of clubs and activities such as the Kincardine Kinetic Knights Robotic Team, Student Council, Math Club and the 4-H Sheep & Conservation Clubs. He can be found volunteering around the community at the Ripley Fall Fair and different events throughout the year that the Agricultural Society hosts. Gregory also enjoys curling and is proudly sponsored by the Ripley Curling Club.

Kirsten Walden - Kirsten, the daughter of Brock and Mary Rose Walden, will be entering Gr. 12 in the fall at Kincardine District Secondary School. Kirsten hopes to become a pastry chef and one day open a bakery to fulfill her passion for baking. Kirsten also enjoys hockey and rugby, and she often volunteers with the Ripley Fall Fair, Bruce Botanical Food Garden events, Ripley Huron Community School and various sports teams. Kirsten is proudly sponsored by Current Electric.

2015-06-28 08:21:38

With just one month to go until the 'All Roads Lead Home' Reunion, the hours of our downtown storefront are expanding.

Reunion Central will be open Wednesdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (closed July 1), Thursdays from 5-8 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Reunion Central is the place to purchase your merchandise, dance, meal and show tickets, bunting, pre-order your commemorative DVD, and buy or pick up your pre-ordered history book.

Historical displays will also be added to the storefront over the coming weeks.

If you're not going to be in town until Reunion weekend and want to look the part upon your arrival, you can have merchandise mailed directly to your door through our online shop. If you can wait until you get home, the store will be open the entire Reunion weekend.

2015-06-12 10:09:19

The commemorative 'All Roads Lead Home' Reunion 2015 DVD is now available for pre-sale at our online store or at Reunion Central on June 13, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

The $25 DVD will be produced by BuzzCutz Studioz and will feature highlights from the weekend that is sure to be full of them. Ryan Berry, owner of BuzzCutz Studioz, has also teamed up with fellow musician Jeff Burrows, as well as Ripley natives Darrin MacDonald and Lennie MacLeod to produce an original song called 'All Roads Lead to Ripley,' which will be on the DVD and receive radio play in the area leading up to the Reunion.

Listen to a short clip of the song on our Facebook page.

DVDs must be prepaid when ordered (credit card if online, cash at Reunion Central), and will be mailed by Nov. 1. BuzzCutz Studioz will donate 10% of all proceeds to the Reunion for community betterment projects.

For more information, email

2015-05-28 21:30:38

2015-05-27 18:49:01

2015-05-22 13:19:59

Reunion Central will be open on Saturday, June 13, and Saturday, June 27, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., before expanding its hours in July.

In the meantime, dance, meal and show tickets can be purchased at the Township of Huron-Kinloss office in Ripley. Select merchandise is also available at Stockyards Western Apparel in downtown Ripley.

Reunion Central times for July and Reunion weekend will be posted in the coming weeks.

2015-05-15 09:26:33

With less than three months until ‘All Roads Lead Home,’ the Ripley Reunion 2015 organizing committee is nearly ready for the event, which runs July 30-Aug. 3.
The committee will officially open Reunion Central, on the southeast corner of Huron and Queen Streets, Saturday, May 16, during the popular village-wide yard sale. Merchandise, including men’s and ladies' golf and baseball shirts, sweaters and T-shirts, as well as hats, beer mugs, plastic glasses, coolie cups and bottle openers, will be available from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Reunion Central will also feature tickets for the Friday, July 31, and Saturday, Aug. 1, dances, the original HAWK Theatre show, ‘Railway to Ripley’ (two performances), and the 19-plus show by world-famous impersonator Roy LeBlanc. Meal tickets and registration forms for the Mammoth Parade, Ambassador Competition and Civic Awards, Ripley’s Amazing Race, Beard/Mullet Growing Contest and a long list of sports, including the tug-of-war, bed races, outdoor volleyball and the kids’ road hockey tournament, will also be available at Reunion Central.

Reunion Golf sold out quickly, so thanks to those who signed up early.
Registration forms can also be downloaded at and E-mailed as required, or dropped off during business hours at Reunion Central.
Bunting will be sold at the storefront in 25-foot ($10) and 100-foot ($40) rolls (three colours). Although bows will not be pre-made, instructions on how you can make them at home will be available. If you would like to pre-order bunting so the committee can better predict the amounts it should have on hand as it enters the summer months, E-mail or call Kathleen Scott at 519-396-3727 and pay upon pick-up at Reunion Central.
The Ripley History Book Committee has fewer than 400 books left to sell. The 'Families and Farms' book is an update of the 1985 Huron Township and 1995 Village of Ripley history books, so be sure to get yours at Reunion Central today. The history book committee will be reprinting a small number of 1975 history books leading up to the Reunion. Learn more at
The Parade Committee continues to look for families, individuals and farmers to enter their float or horse/team in the Mammoth Parade, which will begin at 11:30 a.m. from Pollock’s farm just east of Ripley on Conc. 8. E-mail or call Jane Elliott at 519-395-5690 for more information. Registration forms are available at or Reunion Central.
The Reunion’s Back-to-School Committee is looking for people to lend school photos (labelled if possible) and school memorabilia (gym suits, rings, concert and graduation programs, etc.). Items need to have the owner’s name, address and phone number on each item so they can be returned after the Reunion. Items can be dropped off with committee members Dianne Simpson, Julie McGuire, Helen Orr and Jean MacDonald.
Reunion schedules are now available at various locations around village and on the website at There is a full slate of events, starting with the Ambassador Competition/Civic Awards, Thursday, July 30, right through to the fireworks and closing dance featuring Brad James, Monday, Aug. 3. Keep up-to-date on all the news on the Reunion Facebook page and on Twitter @Ripley2015.
The Reunion Committee appreciates Emily Gibson at Stockyards Western Apparel in downtown Ripley for being a welcoming host of Reunion merchandise in her store for the past two years. She provided shelf space and allowed the committee to reach far more people with its merchandise than it could have otherwise. Appreciation also goes to Ripley Variety, the Township of Huron-Kinloss and Pollock Electric for selling tickets and Beard Permits.

2015-05-06 19:50:38

The Reunion's Back to School committee is excited about their traditional event, being held at Ripley-Huron Community School, on the town's western-most edge.

Back to School will be held on Saturday, Aug. 2, from 9-11 a.m. It will be followed by the Mammoth Parade.

The committee needs former students to dig out their old school photos (labelled if possible) and memorabilia (gym suits, rings, concert and graduation programs, etc.). Items need to have the owner’s name, address and phone numbers on each item so they can be returned after the Reunion.

School memories can be dropped off with committee members Dianne Simpson, Julie McGuire, Helen Orr and Jean MacDonald.

2015-04-18 08:55:53

With only 100 days left until the 'All Roads Lead Home' Reunion, it is time to start making your plans for the weekend.

There are numerous events (and a full schedule will be posted soon!), some of which require pre-registration. Whether it's vying to be the Ambassador of the Reunion, nominating an outstanding resident for a Citizenship Award, entering a float into the Mammoth Parade, or taking part in the Tug of War, Beer Garden Olympics, Bed Races or many other fun sports events, pre-registration is required.

To sign your team up, go to the 'Register for Events' tab on this page and join in the fun!

2015-04-09 06:19:28

Not surprisingly, all spaces for the Ripley Reunion Golf Tournament are already booked!

Thanks to all the golfers who acted quickly to secure their spot, and here's hoping the warm weather returns quickly so we can all start working on our game!

2015-03-28 15:57:25

It’s time to start thinking about decorating! The Ripley Reunion 2015 decorative bunting comes in our three Reunion colours: blue, green and light green. We are selling a 25’ package for $10 and a 100’ package for $40. Each package includes all three colours.

You can help the Reunion Committee out by pre-ordering your bunting. There are two ways to pre-order: purchasing a package from our online store ( OR emailing with your order and pay when you pick-up in Ripley.

Please note, bows will not be pre-made, but instructions will be available upon purchase.

Stay tuned for pick-up times this summer and more information about bunting.

2015-02-14 16:06:04

Registration for the Ripley Reunion Golf Tournament, on Friday, July 31, is now open.

To register your team, email Ainsdale Golf Course at and include your credit card number in order to book your spot. You can also leave a message at 519-395-5555 (with credit card) to secure your place.

Only 36 teams of four will be accepted. Fill out the registration form and attach it to your email.

Tee-off is at 11 a.m. and there will be buses back to Ripley after the tournament.

2015-02-04 20:09:46

Have you started growing your beard for the Reunion yet?

As is tradition, the 2015 Reunion will feature a Beard Growing Contest, with the winners decided on Monday, Aug. 3, at the beer gardens (after the bed races).

This year, winners will be picked in the following categories:
Full beard (wild)
Full beard (groomed)
Most colourful
Moustache/beard combo
Most unusual facial hair

New in 2015 is the Best Mullet category, so it’s time to be all business in the front, but ratchet up the party in the back!

If you want to shave in 2015, you need to buy an official Reunion Shaving Permit, which can be purchased at Ripley Variety, Pollock Electric and the Township Office.

To register for the Beard/Mullet Growing contest, fill out this registration form and email it to Sean Johnson at We’d love to see photos of your progress, so post them to our Facebook page or email them to

2014-12-01 15:15:39

The Ripley Reunion History Book Committee is excited to announce the 2015 Families and Farms History Book will be launched on Dec. 18!


The Committee, which has spent three years working on the update of the 1985 and ’95 history books, will hold a launch party upstairs at the Ripley Arena on Dec. 18 from 7:30-9 p.m. , with the official launch at 8 p.m. Refreshments and snacks to follow.


Over 600 of the 1,000 books have been pre-ordered and can be paid for and picked up at the launch and afterward at 44 Queen St. (former Village Flower Shop) on the following days:


Friday, Dec. 19 – 1-8 p.m.

Saturday, Dec. 20 – 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Monday, Dec. 29 – 2-8 p.m.

Tuesday, Dec. 30 – 2-8 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 3 – 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Watch the website for further details for book pick-ups as they become available.

Books can still be pre-ordered through the Committee's website at

2014-11-16 07:44:10

Your Christmas shopping is about to get easier.

The Ripley Reunion organizing committee is holding a Pop-up Shop on Saturday, Nov. 29, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Arena. Not only will our amazing line of clothing be available – as it always is at Stockyards Western Apparel in downtown Ripley and on our
online store – it's also the first time our dance and meal tickets will be sold!

The tickets, which make fantastic stocking stuffers, are available for:
Thursday, July 30 - Youth Dance ($10)
Friday, July 31 - 19+ dance featuring Blackwater Draw ($20)
Saturday, Aug. 1 - Shriners Fish Fry ($15 Adult, $7 Children)
Saturday, Aug. 1 - 19+ dance featuring The Lulu's Band ($20)
Sunday, Aug. 2 - Ham Supper ($15 Adult, $7 Children)

Shaving permits for local men who want to remain clean-shaven in 2015 will also be available for $5.

To save the hassle of carrying various tickets on Reunion weekend, a wristband ticket will also be sold at the Pop-up Shop. The $45 wristband will provide admittance to the Friday and Saturday night dances (Sunday will be a free dance and features Crazymaker), as well as the $5 cover charge for the beer gardens on Monday, Aug. 3, which run from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. and feature Left Turn Clyde and The Brad James Band.

There will also be new merchandise options available at the Pop-up Shop, with etched beer mugs, Mason Jar glasses and cooler bags the latest hot items to wrap and put under the tree for the ones you love. These fantastic additions to our line of merchandise will also be available at Stockyards after the shop.

The Ripley History Book will also be for sale on Nov. 29. Currently, 600 of 1,000 books are pre-sold, so get yours before it's too late! If you've pre-ordered your $70 book but have yet to pay, you can also do so at the Pop-up Shop. An official launch for the Farms and Families book, which updates the 1985 and '95 Reunion books, is being planned for mid-December. Watch Facebook and for information as it's available.

Remember, the Pop-up Shop and Stockyards merchandise are cash only. Dance/meal tickets will be available at the Township of Huron-Kinloss office after the Pop-up Shop and can be purchased with cash or debit. Tickets will not be sold at Stockyards or online.

Don't forget, our online store ships anywhere in the world, so even if you aren't in Ripley you can still get all your great Reunion merchandise in time for Christmas.

2014-10-23 05:47:12

The Reunion's online store for 2015 merchandise is now live, just in time for Christmas!

Get all the great Reunion 2015 through our store, and have it shipped anywhere in the world. It's the perfect way to get gifts to your loved ones who can't make it home for Christmas.

The online store is located at, and new items will be added in the coming days. As always, all our merchandise is available at Stockyards Western Apparel in downtown Ripley.

Also be sure to watch this website and our
Facebook page
for pop-up shops, where we'll be selling ticket and dinner packages, which will give you access to our Friday and Saturday night dances, as well as two dinners, all in one simple bracelet (though single sales will be available as well). Merchandise will not be sold at these events.

Stay tuned for more information on dates and locations for our pop-up shops!

2014-09-20 14:29:23

2014-07-12 11:14:04

Stop by our Pop-up Shop next Saturday at the Ripley Fire Station during the annual Fireman's Breakfast, 9 am – 1pm. We will have some new merchandise available including ladies tank tops and unisex baseball tees just in time for Ripley Mushball weekend!

2014-05-16 15:26:15

Wow, what a great night last night! Thanks to everyone who came to the dance - it was another wild night in Ripley and a great way to kick off the 2015 Reunion!

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped organize the evening, sell tickets and work the bar; Julie McGuire for the fantastic photo booth; Colleen Gillis at the Township for making everything tick; Ripley Variety, Pollock Electric, Stockyards Western Apparel, Miller Insurance and Everlastings for selling tickets over these many months; and, for donating the great midnight lunch, Pine River Cheese, Ripley Variety, Farmer’s Diner and Pizzeria, the Ripley Parents Auxiliary, Sobey’s and Zehrs.

Although our big event for 2014 is now over, a lot of work will continue as we plan for the July 30-Aug. 3, 2015, Reunion. Watch Facebook and for more information and thanks again for a great night!

2014-04-23 17:30:20

Although the actual Ripley Reunion festivities won’t begin until July 30, 2015, the organizing committee is hosting a huge fundraising dance on May 10, 2014, at the Ripley arena.

The dance, which will feature The Brad James Band, is a great way for Ripley natives, current residents and friends from surrounding towns to bring in the summer months with a bang. As we say, ‘All Roads Lead Home,’ so get your $20 ticket today at Ripley Variety, Stockyards Western Apparel and Pollock Electric in Ripley, Miller Insurance in Kincardine and Everlastings in Lucknow. Contrary to local rumour there are still tickets left, but we don’t recommend waiting too long to get yours!

Aside from great friends and great music, the dance will also be a perfect time to pick up your Reunion 2015 merchandise, which includes golf and T-shirts, coolie cups, bottle openers and our wildly popular Reunion hoodie. If you can’t make the dance, remember these items are always available at Stockyards Western Apparel in downtown Ripley.

The Reunion committee, which has been meeting consistently for three years, will use the proceeds of the dance to secure bands for the mammoth parade, entertainment for dances and the purchasing of merchandise for the main event, Ripley Reunion 2015, which runs July 30-Aug. 3, 2015.

The organizing committee continues to reach out to our business community for sponsorship, and we’d like to recognize Pine River Cheese, Ripley Variety, Farmer’s Diner and Pizzeria and the Ripley Parents Auxiliary, as well as Sobey’s and Zehrs in Kincardine, for donating the food for the Kick-Off Dance. Without our community partners, these events would be much more difficult to hold. To learn more about our sponsors, or to lend a hand, visit

The age of majority event runs from 9 p.m.-1 a.m., and a bus to Kincardine will be available after the dance.

Keep up-to-date on Reunion happenings at, on our Facebook page and on Twitter @Ripley2015.

2013-12-01 18:24:10

We know many Ripley natives don't live close to the village anymore, yet still want to get their hands on some beautiful Reunion 2015 merchandise in time for Christmas.

To make life easier, the Reunion website is now featuring online shopping for merchandise of all kinds. You can choose your quantities and sizes for all merchandise through the website. Visit the 'Merchandise' page (or on the left side of the page) and begin shopping through our secure and safe site. There is a minimal charge for shipping.

You can also get Reunion merchandise at Stockyards Western Apparel in Ripley, and Reunion Kick-off Dance tickets for the May 10, 2014, dance are availabe at Stockyards, Ripley Variety and Pollock Electric, as well as Miller Insurance in Kincardine.

For updates, be sure to 'Like' our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @Ripley2015.

2013-11-25 20:07:57

After a successful pop-up shop on Nov. 16, select Reunion merchandise is now available at Stockyards Western Apparel in downtown Ripley.

Golf and T-shirts, coolie cups, bottle openers, hats and the limited edition (and incredibly popular) hoodies can be purchased in time for Christmas.

Cash only please.

Stockyards, as well as Ripley Variety and Pollock Electric in Ripley, and Miller Insurance in Kincardine, also have Reunion Kick-Off Dance tickets for sale. The May 10, 2014, dance, which will feature The Brad James Band, are $20 each and a perfect stocking stuffer for the tough-to-buy-for on your Christmas list.

Online shopping will soon be available at so watch for another convenient way to get your Reunion swag!

2013-11-10 15:28:09

The Ripley Reunion 2015 organizing committee is holding a merchandise pop-up shop at the Ripley arena this weekend

On Saturday, Nov. 16, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m., shoppers can fill their Christmas list with Reunion hats, golf and T-shirts, hoodies and more. Tickets to our Kick-off Dance, to be held May 10, 2014, make the perfect stocking-stuffer so get yours on Saturday or at downtown Ripley locations afterward. Tickets for the dance, which will feature the Brad James Band, are $20 each.

Cash only for the merchandise and Kick-off dance tickets, and all proceeds go to the Reunion 2015 organizing committee, which is already meeting monthly in preparation for the July 30-Aug. 3, 2015, homecoming.

Huron Township History Book pre-sales and gift certificates will also be available for purchase on Saturday, with cash or cheques accepted. Time is running out to purchase the Reunion’s history book, which is an update of the 1985 township and 1995 town histories. Learn more at www.

If you can’t make it to Saturday’s pop-up shop, online shopping will soon be available through this website. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Ripley2015 for updates.


2013-10-30 08:34:00

2013-10-19 05:57:50

2013-09-17 06:55:28

The new Ripley Reunion float will make an appearance at the Lucknow (Sept. 20-22) and Ripley (Sept. 27-29) Fall Fairs this year.

Thanks to a donation from the Ripley Classics oldtimers hockey team, fridge magnets will be handed out so you can be reminded that Reunion 2015 is less than two years away!

Watch for the float and grab a magnet at the fair this year!

2013-09-15 14:05:00

As you may have read in the previous post, the Ripley 2015 Reunion organizing committee is asking for the community's support in order to get a head start on some projects, including purchasing merchandise, creating a float for local Fall Fairs and planning the Reunion Kick-off Dance, which will be held May 10 at the Ripley arena.

As our way of saying thanks, we will update the website with the names of the people, organizations and businesses who have generously donated to our Reunion.

So thanks to the Ripley Classics oldtimers hockey team for giving the Reunion effort a boost with your donation!

2013-09-05 07:56:17

Although thousands won't descend on Ripley for another 23 months, the Reunion 2015 organizing committee is hard at work.

Under the guidance of chair Amanda Farrell, committee members are meeting regularly to lay the groundwork for what will undoubtedly be an amazing time. From ordering merchandise to organizing entertainment and events, planning is well underway for the  Reunion, which runs July 30 to Aug. 3, 2015.

The committee is currently seeking community, organization and business sponsorships to help us launch our float for the Lucknow and Ripley Fall Fairs, pre-ordering merchandise so you can fill this year's Christmas list, and provide seed money for the May 10 Kick-off Dance, to be held at the Ripley arena. If you or your business would like to donate to the 2015 Reunion, please contact Amanda Farrell at 519-386-7461 or Dwight Irwin at 519-395-0106.

The Reunion committee is also building a presence online, with a new website at, as well as on social media at 'Ripley Reunion 2015' on Facebook and on Twitter @Ripley2015. Bookmark the homepage, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the Reunion 2015 happenings.

If you would like to volunteer for a committee, visit the Volunteer page on

Also remember to pre-order your 'Families and Farm's' Huron Township History Book at There will only be 1,000 books sold, so pre-order for your whole family now.

2013-03-24 07:48:22

Time is running out to submit your family/home/farm history for the Huron Township Families and Farms Reunion 2015 History Book.

April 1 is the deadline and can be done through the website at

Family/farm photos can also be sent to Please include your family's name, lot and concession/street information with the photo.

Books can also be pre-ordered through the website. Only 1,000 will be sold, so don't delay!

2013-03-23 12:58:50

The Ripley Reunion Organizing Committee will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday, March 26, at the Huron-Kinloss municipal office in Ripley.

The committee has been meeting regularly for over a year and the events of the 2015 Reunion are beginning to take shape. You can follow the committee's happenings via this website, on our
Facebook page and on Twitter @Ripley2015.

Anyone who is interested is volunteering for a committee leading up to and during the 2015 Reunion are encouraged to contact any of the following organizing committee members:

Amanda Farrell - Chair
Matt Farrell - Grounds
Kathleen Scott and Rebecca Cohoon - Merchandise/Decorating
Dwight Irwin - Publicity
Kent Liddle - Sports
John/Jane Elliott and Mike/Laurie Gallant - Parade
Christine MacDonald - Ambassador Pageant
John and Darlene McIntosh - Bands
Back to School - Dianne Simpson
Registration - Tracey Howe

If you'd like to help out with our expanded bar committee, please contact Dwight Irwin. Families interested in spending some hours working the bar at the entertainment tent beside the arena are encouraged to contact us as well!

We are also looking for an Entertainment committee chair to organize the various events during the weekend.